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    The idea of Sunscreenr was first born a few years ago after seeing a family member struggle with skin cancer. We came up with the idea of a simple device that would let anyone "see" if they had applied sunscreen properly, even after swimming, toweling off, playing outside all day, etc.

    It took almost 2 years to build the right team who could turn the idea into reality. After several prototypes, we are now launching Sunscreenr to bring the idea to you.


    Sunscreenr's creators are two savvy entrepreneurs with deep industry experience. Together, they bring over forty-years of management, design, and product development know-how to the new company. The team is focused on cultivating a strong culture focused on bringing innovative, light-based products to market. The creators work tirelessly to help the team scale, grow, and drive successful business results.


    Stranded on a desert island? Friends, family, and business associates all agree, Dave Cohen is the one you want to have stranded with you. Dave can build, create, and problem solve, and he gets great satisfaction doing it. Not content with a PhD in Biochemistry or with his laurels racing pneumatic power tools at the Maker Faire, he has developed and launched products for consumer, defense, forensics, medical device and life science research markets. Dave brings first-hand experience to the entire product development lifecycle along with business development, manufacturing, and intellectual property preservation. At Voxelight, he is looking to build innovative consumer products that will empower people in new ways. Dave and his family live in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 


    Whether it was programming Für Elise on a Commodore 64 versus playing it on a piano or staying after school to write the next great Star Trek program, Jon Meyer has been involved with developing technology solutions almost his whole life. While his primary career has focused on the use of business technology for financial services and insurance firms, Jon’s true love is in innovating new ideas and bringing useful solutions to market. While not every new innovation has been successful, the journey to becoming a more effective entrepreneur has been fruitful and stimulating. With Voxelight, Jon intends to create a new platform for targeted innovation for the betterment of consumers everywhere. Jon and his family live in Raleigh, North Carolina.




    Voxelight’s mission is to empower people with light. We develop innovative technology-based products that use underexplored properties of light to create meaningful value for consumers. Voxelight synthesizes primary research, trends in commercial and military technology, and a keen eye for consumer need into a fusion of new capabilities. Our first product will be brought to market by summer/fall 2017.