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    Cool Mom Tech

    "As vigilant as I am about applying (and reapplying) sunscreen on my kids and myself, it’s inevitable that I missed a spot — usually on myself — and I’m left with a sunburn patch. But this new gadget could totally change that, and help keep us all a whole lot safer in the sun."


    "As I pondered my sunscreen covered face in the video ... I imagined never again to discover a bright red spot where I had failed to spray or painful red ears that I again forgot to cover the sunscreen."

    Business Insider

    "When you go to the beach, you become a tiny moving target for the sun’s warm yet carcinogenic rays. Even if you’re judicious with your sunscreen, you're bound to miss a few spots."

    NY Mag

    "Like many people who spent their ... weekend at the beach, I spent the following week generously applying moisturizer, and wincing when I moved, because of an unintended sunburn."


    "This Gadget Will Help You Avoid a Sunburn at the Beach" 


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