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    See your skin in a whole new light

    Introducing the new UVReveal indoor UV Camera Display from Sunscreenr 

    UV Camera technology shows the hidden damage the sun can do to healthy skin. The UVReveal display from Voxelight allows your customers to see just how well your products help protect their skin from the early-aging effects of the sun. 

    The UVREVEAL from Voxelight is launching in 2019 through select skincare Brands and in retail worldwide.

    • Built-in Sunscreenr UV camera
    • UV LED’s for interior use
    • Take images of your skin with our patent-pending our UV lens. Share those images with your dermatologist or skincare professional 
    • Interactive option with touchscreen and rich features
    • WiFi connectivity for sharing images and data
    • Detachable tablet stand for at home or on-the-go use
    • Different form-factors for Dermatology, Beauty, Point-of-sale 

    Contact us to learn more about UVREVEAL from Voxelight.

    Email us here to set up a time to talk about UVReveal

    Brian Baucom